This is an image that no one of my generation ever thought would be taken in Australia.

It is of a woman being served with papers by the police requiring her to appear in court.

Her crime? She has used social media to call out biological males playing soccer against girls and women.

Surely this is the ultimate in misogyny.

A woman speaks up for girls and women in the face of biological males with intact genitalia demanding access to their sport and changing rooms and the police turn up on her door.


This outrageous injustice is because weak politicians have capitulated to LGBTIQA+ political activists and constructed laws which cast doubt on whether it is still possible to tell the truth.

The woman is a friend of mine. Kirralie Smith is an advocate for girls and women and children.

She is the spokesperson for Binary, a campaign organisation dedicated to the truth about gender and protecting children especially from the harms of LGBTIQA+ gender fluid ideology.

I have the privilege of serving on the board and am 100 per cent behind Kirralie.

As a fellow activist who has his own legal battle with the anti-free speech LGBTIQA+ political activists, I feel great sympathy for Kirralie.

But even more than that I feel grief and even anger that something like this could happen in Australia.

Here’s what Kirralie said in an email to her supporters this morning:

"I’ve never been violent, nor have I ever advocated violence against anyone.

"Yet in past weeks, I’ve been served with several applications for Apprehended Personal Violence Orders (APVOs) for campaigning for the rights of women in sport.

"Yes, that's right.

"It is now considered ‘violence’ to speak up against the reality that women’s sport is being threatened daily by the inclusion of biological males.

"And yet, it is happening with an increasing frequency.

"The consequences for female athletes are devastating.

"It is dangerous and unfair to allow males into female spaces, sports and services, and you and I should not be prevented from saying so."

The only way for people like Kirralie and me to defend ourselves is to appeal to crowd funding. Please support Kirralie’s legal defence by donating here.

We must not let the LGBTIQA+ political activists silence people like Kirralie because that is how they silence you and me.

The Family First Party is working to get principled people in to parliament who will fight to change the unjust laws which allow the police to turn up on the door of people like Kirralie.

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