This will go down in history as the week when the mainstream media finally woke up and began reporting the harms of LGBTIQA+ gender fluid ideology on children.

What activists euphemistically call “gender affirming care” of children is being exposed for what it is – the mutilation and sterilisation of children in the misguided hope their gender could be changed.

Also exposed was the on-going campaign by education departments to deceive parents.

A week ago Queensland’s Courier Mail revealed that state was the latest, joining Victoria and New South Wales, to have education department policies hiding from parents their child’s gender transition at school.

The Courier Mail called it “grooming”, which it is.

Why politicians allow this is hard to fathom.

Then came last weekend’s Weekend Australian expose that let the parents and child victims speak.

The stories were harrowing.

On Tuesday the Australian carried a warning that Family Court Judges who allow child gender changes could be participating in the “worst medical scandal in 100 years”.

On Wednesday the Sydney Morning Herald reported that the largest medical indemnity insurer, MDA National, would no longer cover doctors who treated gender confused children with puberty blockers, cross sex hormones and surgery.

It begs the question why education departments around the nation are also not culpable for allowing rainbow gender fluid ideology to be taught to children, seeding in their minds the false idea they may be trapped in the wrong body.

The reality is it is weak Liberal and Labor politicians who are culpable. The media also. Both have collaborated with the LGBTIQA political movement, too afraid to scrutinise its demands.

Then yesterday there was a powerful article in The Australian by emeritus professor of law at the University of Queensland, Patrick Parkinson.

He has been sounding the alarm since 2016 but until now has been ignored.

“The liability risk for “gender-affirming” doctors and state governments from malpractice and failure to obtain fully informed consent is huge, but that is not the most important issue,” he wrote.

“The health of our children and young people is what matters most. It is time now for a serious expert review of treatment practices in this area and a debate about what form of legal regulation is necessary.”

Never has LGBTIQA+ political activism in Australia been subject to such media scrutiny as it has received this week.

Finally progress.

It’s time politicians acted. For kids’ sake.