When the choice is woke or woke, Victorian voters are opting for the devil they know.

Polls show Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’ Labor government is cruising to an easy victory on November 26.

This is largely because the most anti-family and anti-freedom government in Australia’s history has no opposition.

Family-minded voters have no discernible choice.

The Liberal-National Coalition under Matthew Guy supports most of the worst of Andrews’ policies.

Guy put up no fight to stop:

  • Laws which criminalise parents who respond to a cry for help from their gender-confused child;
  • Laws which strip religious schools of their freedom to uphold their teachings on marriage and gender (he has since agreed to restore a measure of freedom to schools);
  • Education Department policies which compel teachers to hide a child’s gender transition from parents;
  • The premature closure of baseload electricity generation to meet even more unrealistic emissions targets than federal Labor.

Spectator Australia commentator Neil Brown said Guy was “determined to outflank Labor on emissions and woke social issues from the Left”.

Guy’s social and economic policies offer families no choice when it comes to selecting the party of government.

To add insult to injury of social conservatives hoping for an alternative, Guy expelled respected pro-life Upper House MP Bernie Finn from the Liberal party.

Last week’s Newspoll confirms that voters prefer to stick with the devil they know, giving Labor an unassailable two-party preferred lead over the Liberals 56-44 per cent.

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott described the Andrews’ government as the “worst government in modern Australian history”.

“This is the government which plainly has broken lots of rules, effectively a party state here in Victoria,” Abbott said.

With both Labor and Liberal supporting the same woke policies pursued by the Greens and teals, Family First is working to raise candidates for election to the Upper House.

Principled and courageous voices are required to push back on the anti-family, anti-freedom policies of the political establishment.

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