Woke has gone beyond a joke and turned deadly in Victoria.

As 33 people died waiting for Ambulances, the government was spending $760,000 on “diversity and inclusion” officers, the Australian reports tonight.

From the Australian

Bella d’Abrera, from the Institute for Public Affairs told the Australian that the money could have hired 10 call takers.

Despite knowing for four weeks of the deaths, The Daniel Andrews’ government chose last Saturday morning in the middle of footy finals to bury the news.

Today Andrews said his child was sick on Sunday which meant he couldn’t front the media.

But of course, that disingenuous attempted tug at the heartstrings didn’t explain why he couldn’t have fronted the media weeks before his child got sick.

Adding to the scandal is tonight’s news.

The Andrews government’s inaugural Commissioner for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and gender diverse, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ+), now human rights commissioner, recommended Ambulance Victoria “establish a dedicated division to drive reform”.

Commissioner Ro Allen claimed there was a toxic culture in Ambulance Victoria which favoured white males.

The Australian reports:

In recent weeks, the organisation has advertised six new roles through recruitment firm Jo Fisher Executive, including “Director, Diversity & Inclusion”, with a salary of $169,000+, “Senior Lead, Diversity & Inclusion” for $147,000+, “Program Lead, Equality & Workplace Reform Division” for $122,000+, “Executive Assistant to Executive Director, Equality & Workplace Reform Division” for $79,000+, “Senior Program Manager, Implementation” for $122,000+, and “Program Lead, Multicultural” for $122,000+.

Bella d’Abrera said the government and Ambulance Victoria had “fully embraced the woke agenda to the detriment of Victorians’ lives”.

“It’s unforgivable that at least 10 extra call takers could have been hired with the amount of money that the government spent on obscure theories about gender, power and race,” she said.

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