Josh Frydenberg’s documentary for Sky News Australia, screened on Tuesday night, should be a wake-up call.

They say history never repeats but it rhymes.

Too much of post-October 7 Australia is rhyming with 1930s Nazi Germany, as the former Treasurer’s work showed.

The chilling pleas from aging Holocaust survivors for the Prime Minister to lead have fallen on deaf ears as his government continues to undermine Israel’s civilisational war against Orc-like bloody Islamic-terrorist-rapist-murderer-kidnappers.

Family First has been shocked by the moral inversion afflicting Australia since Hamas unleashed hell upon innocent and unsuspecting civilians in Israel.

Even before Israel responded with what is by historical standards an obviously just war of self-defence, Muslim mobs were on the streets of Sydney and the Opera House celebrating.

Celebrating rape, torture, murder and kidnapping. Who does that? This is foreign to civilised people and not what I thought Australia would ever come to.

Frydenberg showed Downing Street, the Empire State Building, the Eifel Tower and other famous global landmarks lit in the colours of the Israeli flag in the aftermath of October 7.

Yet the blue and white light on the Sydney Opera House had to be extinguished as Hamas supporters shamed our nation chanting “F… the Jews”, “where’s the Jews” and seemingly “gas the Jews”.

Who will ever forget former Director of Public Relations at the Australian National Imams Council (ANIC) Sheikh Ibrahim Dadoun, while the corpses were still warm and the rape victims still bleeding, on the streets of western Sydney proclaiming “I'm smiling and I'm happy.”

His ecstatic audience chanted “Allahu Akbar!”

Frydenberg dusts off the footage which is a frightening reminder of where the sympathies of almost one million Muslim Australians lie.

"I'm elated, it's a day of courage, it's a day of happiness, it's a day of pride, it's a day of victory. This is the day we've been waiting for,” the Sheikh, who has not been de-frocked, told the baying mob.

The Imams Council continually attacks Israel for defending itself but have breathed not a word of criticism against Hamas nor condemned the plethora of hate preachers calling for Jihadi violence against Jews, even from the pulpit of Lakemba Mosque.

As Frydenberg detailed, our universities have become dangerous places for Jews – just like the 1930s.

Jewish businesses have been targeted bringing Frydenberg to tears as one young couple told their story of having to close shop.

Is our own Krystal Nacht next?

What stood out in the documentary was the moral clarity of former Prime Minister Julia Gillard compared to Anthony Albanese, whose heart is clearly not in it.

If it was he would have demoted Labor senator Fatima Payman for defying him by chanting the genocidal “River to the Sea” chant in front of the media in Parliament House.

The Greens, whom Labor will again gladly take preferences from at the next election, desecrate the Senate chamber by openly supporting policies which reward Hamas terror.

The Albanese Government’s opposition to Israel’s military operation in Rafah, where Israel is at pains to warn civilians to move out of the combat zone because Hamas uses them as human shields, was in stark contrast to the advice of one of Australia’s top former national security experts, Dennis Richardson.

Asked what his advice would be to Australia’s leaders if an October 7-type attack occurred here, he said words to the effect of “go wherever you have to do destroy them (the enemy)”.

Former head of the ADF and Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove told Frydenberg that “Hitler would be proud” of Australia’s response to Hamas’s terror.

Yet Albanese and Penny Wong keep telling Israel to spare Hamas, as if leaving a few Nazi battalions in place is fine. Go figure.

Big screens should be erected in the quadrangles of our universities so the hate campers can be educated by watching Frydenberg’s documentary.

If the Vice-Chancellors had not capitulated to the Woke cultural Marxist victim-oppressor narrative, they would have acted but instead sit limp wristed in their ivory towers on their exorbitant salaries.

They should look into the eyes of the Holocaust survivors and ask themselves if they are on the right side of history.

So too should the ANIC.

A proud Jewish Australian, Frydenberg has done his people proud. He has done civilised people everywhere proud.

Never again is now.

Family First has been supporting all the Never Again is Now rallies against antisemitism. The next one is on June 9 in Brisbane.