Statement from Lee Jones, Family First spokesman and candidate for the Upper House Division of Southeast Metropolitan.

Recently Coalition Leader Matthew Guy announced he would restore freedom of religion to religious schools by amending the Equal Opportunity Act. Big tick for that.

But last year he told LGBTIQA+ radio that Daniel Andrews’ Conversion and Suppression bill, which jails parents, pastors, doctors & imams for helping gender confused children, was “a good bill”.

Family First in today's Herald Sun.

Here’s his quote:

“The bill is a good bill. It stands, and it will continue to stand. And I just don't want there to be – for the very strong LGBTIQ community in Victoria – I don't want there to be any equivocation, or any view that there might be another agenda out there. There's not. And I just want it to be clear so that everyone can be in no uncertain terms, that this ain't coming back.”

The question is does Matthew Guy believe in freedom or not?

Matthew Guy can’t tell religious schools they will now be free to uphold scientific views on biology but at the same time support jailing people who try and convince children to stay away from gender clinics.

London just closed its child gender clinic, the Tavistock Centre, for harming children with puberty blockers and cross sex hormones.

Yet Matthew Guy is on a unity ticket with Dan Andrews in wanting to jail people who take the UK’s approach.

This election is about protecting your family and your freedoms from the harmful radical political correctness of the major parties.