“How can we give children the best start in life in an era of family breakdown and high living costs? How can we provide energy to the billions of people who are 'unplugged' in the world?”

These are just some of the questions being asked at a conference in London next week convened principally by Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson.

The inaugural Alliance for Responsible Citizenship conference will bring together public intellectuals and political participants to paint a better vision for the world.

Family First is privileged to be invited.

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ARC aims to counter the negative narrative coming from the likes of the World Economic Forum whose climate alarmism is driving up the cost of living everywhere and denying the world’s poor the economic development and prosperity that comes from affordable and reliable electricity.

ARC also aims to challenge dominant social policy promoted by Western elites which ignores - and is even hostile to - the idea of the married, heterosexual family as the basic group unit of society.

It looks to re-frame the political and cultural narrative towards building family and prosperity for everyone as free citizens renew their engagement in all aspects of civil society.

ARC will become a movement to tackle the problem of housing unaffordability, champion private property and renew belief in the virtues of Western civilisation.

Several high-profile Australians are involved including former Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson.

The conference has been sneered at by The Guardian Australia which means it must be good.

While it has been necessary to fight the culture wars, ARC promises to take the battle to a new level where instead of being on the back foot, positive solutions along with a better vision for the future can be put forward.

I’ll be recording my ADH TV Show from the ARC conference in London next week.

Family First is on board with the ARC policy vision and looks forward to giving expression to these ideas in the Australian political discourse as the party seeks to have people of virtue, principle, courage and character elected to state and federal parliaments.