Not since communist-leaning wharfies sabotaged the allied war effort in World War II has the Australian union movement committed such an act of bastardry.

This week the Australian Council of Trade Unions released an anti-Israel statement calling on the Albanese Government to cease military trade with Israel, including depriving the IDF of parts for fighter jets.

Imagine how Australia contributing to the hobbling of Israel's military might work out should the mad Mullahs in Iran decide to send Hezbollah in or if Hamas makes good on its promise to repeat October 7. 

The ACTU clearly sees Israel as the bad guys, choosing to ignore Hamas’s brutal rapes of women, butchering and corpse-parading in the streets of Gaza to crowds ecstatically screaming “Allahu Akbar”.

The ACTU also seems unaware that Hamas cynically uses innocent civilians as human shields as part of its battle tactics.

The ACTU clearly thinks Hamas should be allowed to survive, rather than be destroyed, and wants an immediate Palestinian State but can’t say who would govern it.

Like the Townsville dock workers who stole vital radar equipment that led to the deaths of 32 US pilots who crashed while returning from defending Australia from Japanese invasion, the ACTU wants sabotage Israel's ability to defend itself.

The ACTU’s statement, released under the names of ACTU president Michele O’Neil and secretary Sally McManus says:

“The ACTU is deeply concerned….at evidence that Australian companies supply parts used as part of global supply chains, including to F-35 fighter jets. Israel utilises F-35 fighter jets to drop bombs on Gaza. Under international law, Australia has obligations to deny exports that could or would be used to violate humanitarian law and must employ all means to prevent genocide by another state.”

What the ACTU doesn’t realise is that Israel is committing no genocide. Who, when committing a genocide, gives pre-warnings about its bombing activities so civilians can get to safety?

The ACTU, like much of the fashionable Left and too many of Australia's Muslim leaders, have lost their moral compass.

Hamas’s human shields are the victims and Hamas is the perpetrator of genocide on its own people, but like their comrades in the 1940s, the ACTU is blinded by ideology.

Australia’s Jewish community, currently observing Passover this week, is understandably outraged.

Zionist Federation of Australia president Jeremy Leibler said:

“We are stunned. From reading their statement, it is as if the ACTU is living in an alternative reality.

“In their reality, there is no Hamas, their statement does not mention the proscribed terrorist organisation that started this war on October 7 and which still holds 130 hostages, including women and children in Gaza.

“In the world inhabited by the ACTU, Iran is not conducting a greater proxy war to destroy Israel, the United States and our allies. This statement does absolutely nothing to help innocent Palestinians and Israelis, all of whom continue to suffer at the hands of Hamas.”

Family First notes the obvious. If Hamas released all the hostages and surrendered, the suffering in Gaza would end tomorrow.

That is what all civilised people should wish for and pray for.

The ACTU is repeating the darkest chapter of the Australian union movement’s history, having learnt nothing from its past pursuit of anti-western ideology.