Family First has long called for minors to be protected from this experimental treatment.

Family First welcomes Liberal Senator Alex Antic’s private Senator’s bill to protect children from harmful LGBTIQA+ child gender clinics.

Sadly, it will fail because so-called “moderate” Liberals will join with Labor and the Greens to vote it down.

The Australian newspaper reports:

All forms of gender reassignment treatment and surgery would be banned for those aged under 18 – including the controversial and increasing use of puberty blockers – under a bill proposed by conser­vative ­Liberal senator Alex Antic.

The private members bill would allow teenagers to change gender only in the most exceptional circumstances when diagnosed with long-recognised sexual development disorders.

Family First has long called for minors to be protected from this experimental treatment which has been banned in several European countries, including the UK and several US States.

Despite overwhelming evidence that puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and surgery cause irreversible damage to children’s bodies, Australia has not acted with Liberal and Labor MPs doubling down on their protection of the controversial child gender clinics.

A so-called “moderate” Liberal, who declined to give his or her name, slammed Senator Antic.

The Australian reported:

One SA moderate labelled Senator Antic’s transgender bill a “headline-grabber” and warned the Liberal Party both in SA and nationally against “getting tied up and obsessed with fringe culture war crusades”.

Victorian Liberals support the so-called conversion therapy ban in Daniel Andrews’ Change and Suppression Act which jails parents, doctors, pastors and counsellors who encourage children not to go to the gender clinics.

Earlier this year Deputy Liberal Leader Sussan Ley told Liberals to stay out of the so-called “culture wars”.

Despite Senators like Antic and Claire Chandler from Tasmania fighting for the truth about gender, the Liberals do not support them.

At last year’s election, former Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the Liberals had no plans to support Senator Chandler’s bill to protect girls and women’s sport from the intrusion of biological males identifying as female.

Bills to protect children from experimental gender conversion and to protect girls and women’s sport should not be private Senators’ bills. They should be put forward by the party but there is not support in the Liberals for this.

Family First believes the term “moderate” should not be applied to Liberals who support dangerous gender fluid ideology and who will not stand up for the natural family.

They are extremists and the term “moderate” in this circumstance is an egregious corruption of the English language.