With child gender clinics referring 15-year-old girls for breast removal so they can identify as boys, the Australian Human Rights Commission has launched an inquiry into “threats” to “transgender rights”.

I kid you not.

Instead of investigating the rolling medical scandal of LGBTIQA+ child gender clinics experimenting on children with puberty blockers, cross sex hormones and surgery, the taxpayer funded AHRC has launched a witch hunt against those seeking to expose the harms being done to children.

Only elites are allowed to make submissions to the inquiry.

Shut out are the voices of parents, people with transgender regret and girls and women who are losing their sports, job opportunities and private spaces to males identifying as females.

“We are calling for submissions from individuals and CSOs with expertise in TGD (trans and gender diverse) matters. Please note that only subject-matter experts are invited to submit,” the AHRC website says.

“The Australian Human Rights Commission is conducting a national project mapping threats to trans and gender diverse (TGD) human rights in Australia. The project aims to map current and emerging threats to TGD human rights, such as actions, circumstances, events, forces, groups, situations, trends, and other phenomena that endanger or violate TGD human rights.”

The AHRC goes on to say: “We are not looking for personal accounts, experiences, or stories at this time”.

That’s code for children who have been chemically or physically castrated, girls who have lost their breasts and parents who have lost their children to LGBTIQA+ ideology are excluded from participating.

The AHRC says it will investigate “anti-trans mobilisation, dis and misinformation”.

That’s code for potentially going after groups like Family First, Binary, the Australian Christian Lobby, Women’s Forum Australia and others who have been sounding warnings about the harms to children, girls and women from LGBTIQA+ gender fluid ideology.

No one wants to see people, especially children, suffer because they are struggling with questions about their gender.

But the rise of same-sex marriage political activism and the mainstreaming of gender fluid ideology more than 10 years ago has seen an explosion in numbers of children confused about their gender.

In the UK an investigation led by paediatrician Dr Hilary Cass led to the closure of London’s Tavistock child gender clinic.

Many Scandinavian countries and US States are walking back from treating children with gender “affirmation” treatments like blockers, hormones and surgery.

Instead of examining the effects of these “treatments” on the adolescent brain and body, the AHRC wants to target “anti-trans mobilisation”.

Meanwhile senior Liberal leaders like Senator Simon Birmingham, John Pesutto and Tim Nichols run a protection racket for LGBTIQA+ gender fluid ideology with Labor, the Greens and Teals.

The news of the AHRC probe to protect so-called “trans rights” comes as respected journalist Bernard Lane broke bombshell news that the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne is referring girls as young as 15 for double mastectomies.

This is despite Victorian Health Minister Mary-Anne Thomas  providing written advice to courageous Upper House MP Moira Deeming asserting the RCH “DOES NOT provide or refer children to surgical treatment.”

Clearly this is not the experience of the mother of the 15-year-old girl patient of the RCH who posted on a transgender support forum that:

“Happy day today. Just been informed there’s a surgeon that our gender clinic recommended here in Melbourne that will do top (ie breast removal) surgery on my 15-year-old son.”

The AHRC clearly has its priorities wrong or is there another agenda?

ACTION: Join the political party that is fighting to protect children, women and girls from radical LGBTIQA+ ideology.