The Family First Party is shocked and horrified by the outbreak of Islamist terrorism in Israel and outraged by support for it on the streets of Sydney last night.

“Muslim and Green-Left leaders must denounce the animal savagery of Hamas and teach their members that there is no place for terror support in Australia,” Family First National Director Lyle Shelton said.

“I’m sure most Australian Muslims would agree but the silence of their leaders as some Muslims chased Jews through Sydney streets and burned the flag of the Jewish state on the steps of the Opera House gives no comfort to mainstream Australians that Islam is a religion of peace.

“The Greens surely are now finally discredited.”

WATCH:Muslim protestors chant "gas the Jews"

Shelton backed calls by Sky News contributor Joe Hildebrand for the Council of Imams to quickly break their silence and condemn the atrocities committed by Hamas in Israel.

“We had one Holocaust last century. Having Muslims on the streets of Sydney chanting the genocidal ‘from the River to the Sea’ slogan and ‘gas the Jews’ was chilling.”

Shelton said Family First agreed with the Australian Jewish Association’s characterisation of last night’s protestors as “modern day Nazis”.

The AJA was right to call out the double standards of the NSW police who allowed the protests to go ahead and told Jews to stay away.

“Imagine if there were mobs hunting blacks or gays in Sydney’s CBD. If you think these people won’t come for you next, you are in for a rude shock,” the AJA said.