Family First’s resolve to fight for the vulnerable is only heightened following the passing this week of euthanasia laws in the ACT.

This legislation, passed under the guise of compassion, risks placing sick and elderly people at greater risk of manipulation to be put down, neglecting the critical need for comprehensive palliative care.

Family First’s stance is clear: genuine compassion does not end life prematurely but rather supports those in their final stages with dignity and care.

Catholic Archbishop of Canberra-Goulburn Christopher Prowse aptly described the ACT’s Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) bill as "mistaken compassion."

True compassion, he said, involves accompanying the terminally ill with tenderness and unwavering support, ensuring they do not face their struggles alone.

Likewise, the Family First party firmly believes that the answer to end-of-life suffering lies in well-resourced and widely accessible palliative care, not in legislating euthanasia.

This approach ensures that every individual receives the best possible care and support during their most vulnerable times and is not pressured to “do the right thing” and free up scarce hospital or aged care resources.

As we look ahead to the October election, protecting the vulnerable through robust palliative care will be a cornerstone of Family First’s election campaign.

We will advocate for policies that emphasize life-affirming care, providing comfort, and maintaining dignity for those at the end of life.

Our candidates will be dedicated to pushing for improved funding and resources for palliative care services, ensuring that no one has to choose between suffering and an untimely death due to a lack of support.

The passing of the VAD bill in the ACT highlights a critical need for a societal shift towards genuine care and support for the dying.

The Family First party stands ready to lead this change, advocating for policies that truly protect and uplift the vulnerable, affirming life even in its final stages.

ACTION: If you live in the ACT and would like to make a stand for life, family, freedom and faith at the next election, please consider becoming a candidate.