Family First ACT is seeking candidates willing to stand at the October election. Click here to download the application form.

Before you fill it out, you may want to consider this:


Candidate solicitation Checklist 

In order to contest the upcoming ACT election we obviously need to have names of real people on the ballot paper.  Are you one of them? Here is a quick checklist for you to use to determine your eligibility.

  1. Is the $183,299 p.a. salary of an MLA your motivation?

If this is the only reason you have for putting your name forward you can exit the checklist now.

2. Are you a Member of the Family First Party?

You need to be a member to stand  as a candidate. This can be easily fixed. Become a Member.

3. Do you support Family First Values reflected in the abbreviated policies? 

If you have got this far in the checklist this is very likely, but please examine them closely to assess alignment with your own views.

4. Do you have time to participate in the campaign?

We understand that our best potential candidates are time poor. This is why we have a dedicated Campaign committee that will co-ordinate the members and supporters to campaign for you. You need not feel obligated any more than any other member, to participate in the campaign. If you do have time to put in any extra that’s up to you, but it is not a criteria for selection.

5. Do you want to represent your Community?

Public service, in the true sense of the word, can be one of the highest callings.

6. Do you need any specific skills?

Not really. MLAs are just ordinary people, and some are providing public service for all the right reason.  You will be given all the support that you need.

7. How old do you need to be?

Anyone of voting age is eligible to stand for election. There is no upper age limit. Most people completing this checklist will be younger than the leader of the free world!

8. What if you are elected?

To be frank, the chances of being elected on the Party’s first venture into ACT politics are low. Despite this, Family First has a conviction that we have make a start if the tide is to be turned. We are undaunted by the difficulty of the task. Your very presence will ensure that voters are given an option for family, faith, freedom and life that is rarely presented to them in ACT elections. With a number of new minor parties and independents now contesting this election, we do expect that the unholy Red, Blue and Green trinity will be shaken. This will be a good thing.  So for the worse thing that can happen to you if you are elected, I refer you back to checklist item 1. But think of the good that you could do for the families in Canberra.

If you have managed to work your way to the bottom of this checklist without an early exit please download and complete a candidate application form and forward it to [email protected]. All applications will be vetted by the campaign committee and a pre-selection process conducted in conjunction with the Family First board.  We need to select two candidates for each district to be competitive in the fight.