Family First will introduce legislation to repeal the Albanese Government’s “ute tax” should Bernie Finn be elected to the federal Parliament as a Senator for Victoria.

Mr Finn is campaigning in Gippsland this week with public meetings in Orbost and Bairnsdale.

“Taxing the carbon dioxide on some of Australia’s most popular vehicles such as the family-friendly dual cab Ford Ranger is just insane,” Mr Finn said.

“The reckless uncosted net zero polices pursued by the major parties, Greens and Teals have only emboldened the Albanese Government to make the cost-of-living crisis worse for families by taxing cars,” Mr Finn said.

Coal-powered Tesla drivers will receive a $15,390 credit while a family purchasing a Toyota Landcruiser, Australia’s seventh most popular vehicle will be slugged $13,250.

“There’s no social justice in giving wealthy Tesla drivers a tax break and working families a tax hike. The government should be introducing policies to help families cope with cost of living, not hurt them.” reports that “the carbon penalty incurred by Australia’s other top five cars, the Toyota HiLux, Isuzu Ute D-Max, Toyota RAV4 and MG ZS, would be $2690, $2030, $2720 and $3880, respectively”.

The Ford Ranger would go up by $13,000.

“These are vehicles relied upon by tradies running family small businesses.

“Our politicians are completely out of touch and both sides contribute to the madness by their fixation with net zero,” Mr Finn said.

Family First is calling for net zero policies to be paused while proper economic and engineering analysis is conducted on the costs versus benefits.

“We know that if this was done, it is highly unlikely the windmill, solar panel and spiderweb of new transmission towers would continue.”

Family First also believes the ban on nuclear energy should be lifted and taxpayer funding of windmills and solar panels dropped.

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