Family First stands with pro-life warrior Dr Joanna Howe who is being persecuted by anti-life activists trying to have her sacked from her job at Adelaide University.

Family First, a pro-life political party, believes Australians should be free to be pro-life, even if they work for a university.

But vexatious activists have bombarded the university, abusing its complaints process in an attempt to force Dr Howe from her job.

Dr Howe uses her spare time to produce meticulously researched and highly engaging pro-life content which she posts on her personal social media accounts and website.

She also exercises her academic freedom to research and publish on the subject of human rights for unborn babies.

Instead of engaging her arguments, intolerant activists are trying to destroy the career of the this Oxford-educated professional mother of five by bombarding her employer with vexatious complaints about her work.

This has caused the university to launch at least six investigations into her academic conduct since November 2019.

She has been cleared of any breach of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research.

Nonetheless she has been pressured into attending a “research integrity course”, something she rightly refuses to do as it is tantamount to Soviet-style “re-education”.

“It violates my right to academic freedom because they are treating me differently to other university academics who do not publish in areas of controversy,” she told The Weekend Australian.

“I refuse to submit to ‘re-education’ because academic freedom should protect the rights of scholars from being constantly harassed by activists who disagree with their research.”

Things have gotten so bad for Professor Howe that she has launched action in the Fair Work Commission to stop Adelaide University bullying her at work.

The Australian reports:

Professor Howe said she was subject to online bullying, harassment, abuse and even physical threats because of her research, which she has promoted on social media. On Monday, she lodged an application with the Fair Work Commission against the University of Adelaide seeking an order to stop bullying at work. A conciliation hearing has been scheduled for July 8.

Professor Howe is seeking specific orders requiring the university to exercise powers under its academic freedom policy to dismiss bad-faith complaints made against her and withdraw the imposition of corrective ­actions. Her primary area of ­research is the intersection of ­labour law and migration law – a field in which she is a leading international scholar – but in 2017 she began research on abortion and, in 2021, the regulation of prostitution.

Family First is a supporter of Dr Howe as she is one of the leading lights in the movement to uphold the rights of unborn babies and protect their mothers from abortion coercion and harm.

Family First is working to raise candidates at elections who will fight toxic cancel culture that seeks to silence pro-life and pro-family voices.

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