Family First opposes the South Australian Greens’ latest attempt to force radical sexual and gender ideologies on parents and their children.

The far-left party last week introduced a bill into the South Australian Parliament to strip parents of the right to educate their children in their values.

Greens Attorney General Spokesperson, Robert Simms MLC (pictured), is trying to get support for removing religious freedom protections in SA law which allow parents the freedom to choose a school which upholds the values of the home.

Simms wants to force all schools to make way for radical LGBTIQA+ ideology, regardless of what parents think.

He defames Christian schools by saying they expel gay kids and that religious homeless shelters turn people away because of their sexual or gender identity.

Family First SA Chair Deepa Mathew said nothing could be further from the truth and the Greens were simply trying to force conformity with their radical worldview.

“The Greens need to learn to live and let live,” Ms Mathew said.

“It’s harmful to children to force schools to employ staff who promote radical gender fluid ideology which is leading to bodily mutilation, loss of sexual function, infertility and brain damage in young people who have been treated in LGBTIQA+ child gender clinics,” Ms Mathew said.

“There is nothing wrong with a religious school saying no to staff who want to promote radical and harmful views that don’t align with its ethos.

“The exemptions to Equal Opportunity law which Mr Simms wants removed are actually protections for freedom and diversity.

“South Australians parents should not all be forced to have their children taught what Mr Simms believes about marriage, gender and sexuality. There should be choice.

“Our laws must continue to allow for parental choice in education and for religious charities to serve people who wish to access services motivated by a religious ethos.

“Family First will be standing candidates at the next SA election to ensure Mr Simms’ attempts to impose his radical worldview on everyone is thwarted,” Ms Mathew said.

In his media release, Simms reminded South Australians that the Liberals first fought to undermine religious freedom under former AG Vickie Chapman.

“Vickie Chapman took this on when she was Attorney General but didn’t resolve it before the last state election. This is a chance for (Labor’s) Kyam Maher to really cement his status as a progressive Attorney General and get this job done.”

The Greens are the tail that wag the Liberal dog.

“They are the problem, Family First is the answer”, Ms Mathew said.

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