In a significant policy reversal, the Victorian Labor government's decision to not proceed with a second drug injecting room in Melbourne's CBD marks a pivotal moment of rare sensibility in public policy.

As advocates for family and community values, Family First applauds Premier Jacinta Allan's decision, which starkly contrasts with the previous administration's approach under Daniel Andrews.

Premier Allan's move to prioritize community health and safety through is not just a win for Melbourne's business community, but for every family concerned about the normalisation of dangerous drug use in their neighbourhoods.

This decision comes after strong opposition from community stakeholders, including health advocacy groups and churches, and reflects a deeper understanding of the potential risks and harms associated with normalising drug consumption facilities in community areas.

This backdown from establishing a second injecting room is a courageous step away from what seemed like an unyielding push towards progressive policies that risked public safety and community well-being.

Instead, the government plans to enhance pharmacotherapy services and establish a new community health hub, focusing on practical, less divisive methods to address drug-related issues.

Family First believes people trapped in addiction need to be helped to get free, not maintained in their addition as drug rooms allow.

Injecting rooms always bring with them a plethora of anti-societal issues, including increased local crime and a decline in community safety, contradicting their harm reduction intent.

As debate continues, it is crucial to focus on policies that promote rehabilitation and recovery rather than normalising drug use.

This decision by the Victorian government could be a model for sensible drug policy that prioritizes the health and safety of all citizens, supporting recovery and not just containment.

We at Family First commend this shift. It is a step in the right direction, reinforcing the need for policies that protect our communities while supporting those in need.

This decision is not just a political statement but a beacon of hope for families who desire safe and healthy communities across Victoria.