In light of the last week’s US Congressional hearings, Family First has renewed its call for a Royal Commission into the nation's COVID-19 response.

The testimony of Dr Anthony Fauci, the former US COVID-19 tsar, has revealed massive shortcomings and a lack of scientific basis behind many of the policies he prescribed, which heavily influenced global responses, including Australia's.

During his testimony, Fauci faced intense scrutiny over his handling of the pandemic. He conceded that several key measures, such as the "six feet apart" rule, were not grounded in science.

"It just sort of appeared," Fauci admitted, acknowledging that the guidance was based on outdated beliefs about droplet transmission, which has since been proven inaccurate .

This revelation is particularly alarming considering how these measures induced unprecedented economic and social disruptions worldwide, including in Australia.

The admissions were ironic for a man who once declared himself to be the very personification of science saying famously in 2021 “I am the science”.

Furthermore, Fauci's comments during the hearing highlighted the destructive impact of his advocacy for compulsory vaccination and other mandates.

"When you make it difficult for people in their lives, they lose their ideological bullshit and they get vaccinated," Fauci had said in 2021, a statement he now describes as being misunderstood.

These policies, championed under the guise of scientific authority, have led to significant public policy failures which in turn caused enormous heartache amongst people who were ostracised and lost their jobs because they chose not to receive Covid vaccines.

The hearings also featured fiery exchanges, with Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene demanding Fauci be jailed for his role in advocating for harsh measures that affected millions of lives.

"Children were put in plastic bubbles because of your repulsive evil science, healthy children were forced to wear masks, muzzled in their schools, forced to learn from home," Greene stated emphatically.

Such testimonies underscore the severe consequences of policies that were not sufficiently scrutinized for their scientific validity.

In Australia, similar policies were adopted, influenced by Fauci's guidance. Lockdowns, school closures, and mask mandates were implemented with little regard for their long-term impacts.

The fallout from these decisions is now evident in the economic turmoil, mental health crises, and educational setbacks experienced by Australians.

As Fauci himself acknowledged, the balance between public health measures and their broader societal impacts was not adequately considered.

Moreover, the congressional hearings shed light on the potential origins of the virus, with Fauci admitting that the lab leak theory was plausible and that initial dismissals of this theory were premature.

"I cannot account, nor can anyone account, for other things that might be going on in China," Fauci told the subcommittee, reflecting a significant departure from his earlier stance .

This raises serious questions about the transparency and integrity of the information that guided global responses.

Family First Party has always believed it is imperative to establish a Royal Commission into Australia's COVID-19 response. That resolve is only heightened given last week’s testimony.

Such an inquiry would investigate the decision-making processes, the scientific basis of the policies implemented, and the broader impacts on Australian society.

It would also ensure accountability and transparency, providing a comprehensive review of how and why certain decisions were made.

The need for a Royal Commission is underscored by the long-term consequences of the pandemic measures.

Children from low-income families have suffered irreversible learning losses, and the economic recovery remains precarious.

A Royal Commission would serve not only to understand the past but to prepare for future public health crises, ensuring that responses are both scientifically sound and socially responsible.

Last week’s hearings have highlighted critical flaws in the COVID-19 policies advocated by Fauci and adopted globally.

Australia must learn from these lessons and undertake a thorough investigation through a Royal Commission to safeguard the well-being of its citizens and ensure that future responses are based on robust scientific evidence and balanced with societal needs.

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