Family First is concerned that Labor and apparent Liberal support for cracking down on so-called “misinformation and disinformation” on social media will lead to further restrictions on freedom of speech.

Free speech is one of the most precious human rights. A society is not free without it.

But it is increasingly under attack from politicians on both sides who support Australia’s flawed anti-discrimination laws which favour radical LGBTIQA+ political activists over the concerns of families.

Now left-leaning politicians are using the eSafety Commissioner as a way of censoring debate on line.

The horrific stabbings in Sydney last week are being weaponised by Australia’s controversial eSafety Commissioner, Julie Inman Grant, who has a track record of seeking to censor online discussion of issues of concern to mainstream Australians.

While a case can be made for taking down the video of the horrific stabbing of Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel by an alleged Islamist terrorist at his church last week, Inman Grant seems to have made no attempt to remove videos of Islamist hate preachers.

She is trying to have Elon Musk’s X platform remove images of a radical proponent of harmful child gender transitioning, Teddy Cook, dressed in kink (see below).

It is in the public’s interest to know that Cook, a leader in the LGBTIQA+ political movement and advocate of gender confused children being treated with what have now been deemed harmful treatments by the UK’s Cass Report, likes to dress in kink.

It was disappointing to see Opposition Leader Peter Dutton tell the media on Sudnay that he supported the Albanese Government’s crackdown on social media companies like X who he said were “above the law”.

“We’re happy to have a look at anything the government puts forward,” Dutton told the ABC.

Dutton was referring to the Government’s on-going attempts to introduce “misinformation/disinformation” laws which would turbo charge Inman Grant’s ability to decide what can and can’t be discussed on-line.

Communications minister, Michelle Rowland, said a new “misinformation/disinformation” bill giving greater powers to Inman Grant will be brought forward this year.

“Holding social media companies accountable for seriously harmful misinformation and disinformation on their platforms has never been more important,” she said.

“The Albanese government has been steadfast in its resolve to combat the scourge of mis- and disinformation online.

“The Coalition has flip-flopped on its position since 2022, putting politics first and running an irresponsible ‘bin the bill’ campaign, instead of working to hold big tech to account and keep Australians safe online. It’s hard to understand if the Coalition is actually serious about tackling this problem."

The problem with a “misinformation/disinformation” bill is the question of who decides what is censored and what is not?

Inman Grant’s track record as eSafety Commissioner is terrible and the last thing she needs is more power.

She is currently running a protection racket for radical LGBTIQA+ activists like Cook, who thinks the sterilisation and mutilation of gender confused children is fine.

Inman Grant has threatened X with hefty fines for refusing to take down an image of Cook, who is prominent leader in the LGBTIQA+ political movement, dressed in kink.

In what will be a major free speech case, X is fighting Inman Grant in court.

Family First believes it is in the public’s interest for parents to know that one of the main proponents of radical gender fluid ideology for children is a woman who has had her breasts removed to identify as a man and who likes to be photographed in kink.

As confronting as the stabbing of Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel is, the video should not be censored as people need to be confronted with the brutality of alleged Islamist terror in the same way the famous photograph of Kim Phúc influenced opinion about the Vietnam War.


Free speech is already badly eroded in Australia through flawed anti-discrimination laws which are being used by activists to silence critics of LGBTIQA+ ideology.

The “misinformation/disinformation” bill would only make things worse with faceless woke bureaucrats censoring opinions they don’t like.

The eSafety Commissioner would be better to focus her efforts on protecting children by removing pornography from the internet than covering up the proclivities of radical activists like Cook who seek to influence children.

One of the major issues driving Family First is the failure of both sides of politics to fight for freedom of speech, particularly through activist-weaponised anti-discrimination law and now through the eSafety Commission’s censorship agenda.

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