Last week’s news of the ACT Government's forced takeover of Calvary Hospital has sent shockwaves through Australia’s Christian community.

This unjust action threatens not only the hospital itself but also the fundamental principles of democracy and religious freedom.

As a passionate advocate for family values and the rights of Christian institutions, Family First Party stands firmly with Calvary Hospital and the Catholic church in this fight.

We implore all Australians who cherish these values to join us in signing the petition to Save Calvary.

Father Tony Percy, the head of the newly formed Archdiocese of Canberra-Goulburn action group which is fighting the government, is at the forefront of the battle to protect Calvary Hospital.

He recently launched a petition, which has garnered an astounding 18,000 signatures this week.

Fr Percy expresses grave concerns about the government's suspension of its own Land Acquisition Act and its intention to acquire the hospital without just terms. This unprecedented move sets a dangerous precedent and erodes the foundations of our democratic society.

Fr Percy calls upon Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, who professes his two great loves are the South Sydney Football Club and the Catholic Church, to intervene.

He emphasizes that if a government can disregard the rights of a long-standing institution like Calvary Hospital, it opens the door for further encroachments on the freedoms of other Christian institutions.

Family First joins in urging Prime Minister Albanese to exert his influence and pressure the ACT Government to withdraw the legislation and engage in genuine negotiations with Calvary Hospital.

The potential takeover of Calvary Hospital raises a vital question: If the government can seize control of such a respected and longstanding institution, what other Christian organizations that uphold pro-life and pro-family values will be safe from government interference in the future?

Fr Percy rightly points out that if this assault on religious freedom goes unchallenged, educational institutions and other Christian organizations could be next.

It is crucial that we stand together.

Fr Percy raises the issue of religious discrimination, noting that the government's concern about a "religious overtone" in the medical services provided at Calvary is baseless.

Christian institutions such as St Vincent's in Sydney, the Mater in Brisbane, and the Mercy in Victoria have a long history of delivering exceptional medical care, inspired by their religious convictions.

Accusing Calvary of being "overly religious" is not only unfounded but also reflects a potential bias against faith-based organizations.

The fight to Save Calvary Hospital is a fight for the preservation of religious freedom, democracy, and the values we hold dear.

We urge all concerned citizens to join us in this cause, sign the petition, and send a resounding message to the ACT Government and the Federal Government that we will not stand idly by while our fundamental rights are undermined. Together, we can safeguard our cherished Christian institutions and ensure a brighter future for generations to come.