There is no more important job of a civil society than protecting children.

It’s why the debate being driven by E-safety Commissioner Julie Inman-Grant is so important.

Smartphones in the hands of children expose them to a dangerous wild west of child abuse and other pornographic and violent content.

It’s a deadly toxic sewer and efforts to protect children such as age verification and filtering technology must be pursued with urgency.

The trouble is Inman-Grant’s laudable concerns about child safety contradict her woke impulses which are also harmful to children.

This is leading her to stifle and even use her powers to censor legitimate political debate about harmful LGBTIQA+ ideology.

For instance, she is fighting X owner Elon Musk in court for allowing a post by Canadian advocate Chris Elston (aka Billboard Chris) which exposes the shocking activity and advocacy of one of Australia’s leading LGBTIQA+ political activists, Teddy Cook (pictured).

Cook is a leader at Equality Australia, which is waging a war to shut down Christian schools which refuse to bow to LGBTIQA+ ideology and is fighting to keep puberty blockers and irreversible “gender reassignment” surgery as part of experimental “gender affirmation” medical interventions on children.

Billboard Chris, a Canadian father who uses truthful billboards to challenge LGBTIQA+ ideology, re-posted some of Cook’s posts which expose her advocacy for radical LGBTIQA+ sexual expressionism including bestiality.

If Inman-Grant really cared about children she would support Billboard Chris’ exposure of a clearly dangerous political activist.

Instead, she is fighting to have his posts censored so Australians are prevented from knowing that one of the leading advocates of harmful gender fluid ideology also seems to support bestiality.

There is a role for a government E-Safety Commissioner and Inman-Grant’s article in today’s Australian is an important contribution to debate about keeping children safe on-line.

But her muddled woke thinking and totalitarian impulses also put children at risk.

Action: Join the fight to protect children. Join the Family First party today.