Moria Deeming is waging a one woman battle for freedom to speak about the rights of women and girls.

After being unjustly smeared as a Nazi sympathiser, she sensationally and rightly took the step yesterday of threatening to sue her leader John Pesutto for defamation.

Today the Victorian Liberals in a party room vote agreed 19-11 to boot her.

At least one of her colleagues who has been silent through the ordeal was pitching for Christian votes before the November 22 election. I know, because I was at the same meeting of Christian leaders where he solicited their help.

I can’t prove but suspect, because of the position he holds within the Parliamentary party, that he voted with the majority.

More discernment about Liberals will be needed in future.

Deeming has done no wrong. She stood against the unfair and quite frankly whacky demands of the LGBTIQA+ political lobby which requires biological males to be allowed in girls’ and women’s private spaces and sports.

Leaders of the Victorian Liberal Party hate Deeming for her stand and those that don’t are silent.

Yesterday “Liberal Pride,” an LGBTIQA+ activist group with official status within the party, condemned her and this says everything that is wrong with the “modern” Liberals.

“The decision to expel Mrs Deeming is a necessary step in promoting a culture of acceptance and respect for all members of our community,” Liberal Pride president Heath Wilson wrote in an email to MPs.

“Acceptance and respect” sadly does not extend to girls and women who want their gender respected.

Why are the Liberals embracing a political agenda that is anti-biology, anti-freedom of religion, anti the rights of some children to know the love of their mother and father and wants to jail parents who try to stop their children going to the gender clinic for experimental chemical and surgical treatment?

But this was the group within the Victorian Liberals yesterday calling loudest for Moira to be expelled.

These anti-Menzien views have spread to South Australia where the Liberals there are also considering establishing a “Pride Branch”.

Deeming, a first term Upper House MP, has been fighting for six long weeks to clear her name after leader John Pesutto falsely accused her of associating with Nazis.

The claim was always ridiculous after neo-Nazis gate-crashed the Let Women Speak rally in March on the steps of the Victorian Parliament.

But yesterday she threatened to launch defamation proceedings against Pesutto if the motion succeeds.

She’s demanding an apology and compensation for her costs. Good on her.

This saga has taken a huge toll on her personally and she has been shunned by some in the community because of Pesutto’s false smear.

But more than that, her fight is the fight of every Australian to be able to speak freely in public about matters of grave importance.

The Liberals didn't just expel Moira Deeming yesterday. They expelled the hopes of every girl and woman in Australia who thought the Liberals might fight for their privacy and safety.

They also punished Moira's colleague Renee Heath, stripping her of her role as secretary and minute taker at Party room meetings.

The message is clear. Christians and conservatives who speak up for truth will be punished.

Sadly smug Liberals lead by their “Pride” masters have capitulated to LGBTIQA+ political demands and are enforcing their ideology.