Moves by Labor and Liberal leaders to protect harmful child gender change clinics from scrutiny underscore the urgent need for a family-friendly political party.

It is why Family First is building a political movement across the nation.

The latest attempt for a public inquiry into clinics which practice LGBTIQA+ gender-fluid ideology was quashed this week by the South Australian Labor Premier Peter Malinauskas.

It follows Peter Dutton’s Senate leader Simon Birmingham running obstruction last year to two initiatives to protect children from the child gender clinics – one by Senator Pauline Hanson and the other by Liberal backbencher Senator Alex Antic.

It is well-documented that children are being made sterile for life, having their bodies mutilated and suffering other side effects from experimental gender conversion medications.

There’s been an epidemic of children reporting with confusion about their gender, driven in large part by LGBTIQA+ political activists having infiltrated the education system and social media.

It’s been two years since London’s infamous Tavistock child gender clinic was closed for prescribing puberty blockers to children after a review by the distinguished paediatrician and former president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health Dr Hilary Cass.

Yet here in Australia Labor and Liberal politicians continually combine to run a protection racket for Australia’s child gender clinics.

In fairness, a small number of Liberal and Labor backbenchers have been speaking out but their parties federally and, in most states, remain beholden to LGBTIQA+ political activists.

Sadly, the Victorian Liberals took to the last election a policy supporting former Premier Dan Andrews’ so-called conversion therapy law which jails parents for trying to protect their children from the LGBTIQA+ child gender clinics.

The South Australian inquiry into child gender clinics was proposed by an independent MP Frank Pangallo.

If Malinauskas had not been rolled by his Labor caucus, there may have been enough votes in the SA parliament to get the inquiry up.

This is now the third failed attempt to establish such an inquiry. Senator Antic failed in a bid to ban LGBTIQAS+ gender fluid treatments on children, which is Family First policy.

Expelled Liberal Moira Deeming also tried to get an inquiry up last year, despite leader John Pesutto’s support for gender fluid ideology.

The Australian summed up the problem reporting that so-called “‘Gender affirmation’ remains the default treatment model in Australia and involves encouraging children who present with gender dysphoria to socially and then medically transition, which can involve the prescription of puberty blocker medication from ages 10 to 12, and cross-sex hormones from as early as 14”.

These drugs can cause irreversible side effects including sterility and sometimes lead young people down the path of genital and chest mutilating surgery.

Action: Join the political movement which is committed to protecting children from harmful LGBTIQA+ gender fluid ideology.