Is Australia’s greatest medical scandal about to blow up?

For years LGBTIQA+ political activists have told us using puberty blockers on children, and even performing mutilating surgery, so they can “transition” their gender is fine.

The brains behind the same-sex marriage campaign, Equality Australia, only last week issued a media release seeking to discredit the UK’s Cass Review, a 388 page report that has completely debunked LGBTIQA+ activists’ approach to treating children confused about their gender.

For years Liberal and Labor politicians have run obstruction to those of us warning about the irreversible damage to kids – such as sterility, loss of sexual function, brain impairment etc.

But yesterday there was a big political breakthrough.

The Western Australian Liberals are a rump after adopting Labor-Greens’ policies at the last election (that’s another story) but their leader, Libby Mettam, pledged to ban the use of puberty blockers and surgery on children if elected.

This has been Family First policy for years.

Since before the same-sex marriage campaign, the Liberals have been warned and many behind the scenes have agreed, but few have fought in public.

Moira Deeming, the expelled Victorian Liberal Upper House MP, has paid a high price for fighting, while the likes of Senators Alex Antic, Matt Canavan and Claire Chandler are ignored (or thrown under the bus by the likes of Scott Morrison).

Mettam’s bombshell announcement last night has caused other Liberals to tentatively consider backing her move, although all are cautiously “waiting and seeing”, which ironically is how gender confused children used to be treated before drugs and surgery were applied.

Citing the Cass Review, Mettam said:

“When experts are saying that the permanent side-effects can be liver disease, heart disease, obesity, infertility and other conditions, we must act. We owe it to the next generation of Western Australia to utilise and listen to the best evidence.”

Paediatricians like Professor John Whitehall of the University of Western Sydney have been publicly warning of these side-effects since the marriage campaign.

But better late than never, unless you are a young person who has become sterile and/or regrets having your breasts cut off, as several Australian girls have since the LGBTIQA+ gender fluid ideology became a fad.

The Australian reported:

Around 100 children a year are treated by WA’s Gender Diversity Service, according to data tabled in state parliament, and the youngest child to receive treatment last year was 10. There were 63 young people on puberty blockers in WA at the end of March, representing just 0.03 per cent of 12-17-year-olds in the state.

It’s a similar story in other states where there has been an epidemic of children reporting to child gender clinics.

Quoting the Daily Telegraph, Senator Antic told Parliament in 2022 that:

"There were 2067 young people attending public [gender] clinics in 2021 [in Australia], almost 10 times the number in 2014, when there were 211 children. The number of under 18s being prescribed puberty suppressing drugs shot up from five in 2014 to 624 in 2019…"

Predictably, WA’s Labor Health Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson doubled down, saying everything was fine at the child gender clinics.

“The decision to use puberty blockers is rare and not made lightly. The decision is made between clinicians and families, after a comprehensive mental health and multidisciplinary team assessment.

“It is not appropriate for politicians to interfere in clinical decisions,” Sanderson said.

Now that Mettam has made a rush for the gates of the LGBTIQA+ ideology that has captured politicians everywhere, work must be done to root out the ideology in schools.

That’s the next step and it will require courage, something still in short supply amongst the political class.

ACTION: Join the fight to protect kids from radical LGBTIQA+ gender fluid ideology. Join Family First today.