The LNP in government holds the gate open for ideology which harms children.

The Brisbane City Council Liberal National Party administration last week again lit the Story Bridge and Brisbane City Hall with colours of the political flag of the radical LGBTIQA+ movement.

Family First agrees with much of the sentiment of LNP Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner’s social media comment which marked the occassion.

“There is absolutely no place for hate or discrimination in our city and tonight we're proudly shining a light on Brisbane Pride Inc. and the work they do to bring our community together,” Schrinner wrote on Facebook.


Of course there is no room for hate but it should never be assumed that those who believe the truth about gender and, that gender diversity in marriage is essential, have “hate” in their hearts.

While there are undoubtedly some small pockets of hate, addressing this relatively minor problem is not where the rainbow political movement stops. It seeks to falsely typecast anyone who does not agree with its political agenda as a "hater".

Rainbow activists are engaged in a political campaign to shut down freedom of speech and religion and to indoctrinate children into harmful LGBTIQA+ concepts and gender-fluid ideology.

Channel 7’s Spotlight program recently investigated the harm Australia’s child gender clinics are doing to children who have been indoctrinated by LGBTIQA+ ideology.

I am currently being pursued through the courts in Queensland by two activist LGBTIQA+ drag queens for writing on my blog that in reading to little children in BCC libraries they are dangerous role models.



I said it was inappropriate for a public library to host role models, who by their own admission are sexualised personas, who preach gender-fluid ideology to children.

It was the LNP under Schrinner that held the gate open for children to be exposed to this.

After three years of litigation against me, the drag queens lost their case in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal but have now appealed.

Potentially many more years of expensive legal action await me. The drag queens bear no cost - their lawyers at the LGBTI Legal Service are taxpayer-funded.

At a time when Schrinner’s former school, Citipointe Christian College has come under fire from LGBTIQA+ activists for seeking to protect girls’ private spaces and sports from the invasion of males identifying as girls, Schrinner lights up public facilities promoting this harmful and anti-freedom political agenda.

Citipointe was thrown under the bus by former Liberal Prime Minister Scott Morrison when it sought to follow government advice about protecting its Christian ethos.

Sadly the LNP, even when in government, has lost the will and courage to push back on this radical political movement.

It is why Family First is now recruiting candidates, supporters and members in Queensland.

The values of family, life, faith and freedom must be on the ballot.

Join the political party that is fighting for your family, become a member today.