The need for Family First to stand pro-women and pro-life candidates at next year’s Queensland election became more urgent yesterday with a bill introduced to allow nurses and midwives to terminate the lives of unborn babies.

Previously only doctors could take the life of an unborn child and under Queesnland law that can be for any reason up to birth.

On the last sitting day of the year Queensland Health Minister Shannon Fentiman, who believes women can have a penis, introduced the Orwellian-named Health and Other Legislation Amendment Bill which will allow nurses and midwives to prescribe the abortion pill.

Of course there’s nothing “healthy” about a nurse or midwife, people of the caring professions, prescribing poison designed to starve an unborn baby to death by cutting off his or nutrient supply from his or her mother.

Fentiman made no mention of the dangerous side-effects of the abortion pill, often known as RU 486, which include bleeding and the need for a curate.

Ironically Fentiman wants the new law so isolated women can access abortion, putting them at risk if they are far from medical facilities if things go wrong.

If passed when Parliament resumes in the New Year, Queensland will be the first state to extend the right to kill unborn babies to non-doctors.

Fentiman told Parliament:

“Our government also has a strong track record, unlike those opposite, of empowering a woman’s right to choose. The bill I introduce today will also take steps to improve access to termination-of pregnancy services by allowing appropriately trained nurses and midwives to administer drugs such as MS-2 Step. We know that women still face barriers to accessing termination services, particularly in rural and remote Queensland. Access to these services should not depend on a woman’s postcode.

Allowing nurses and midwives to administer medical termination drugs will mean greater choice for women, particularly when access to surgical termination is not available. This government will always defend a woman’s right to choose. We know that those opposite will not, which is why we are taking this important step.”

Fentiman’s jibes at the LNP are misplaced.

Leader David Crisafulli, who to his credit voted against the 2018 abortion-to-birth law, sadly now is ruling out human rights for unborn babies if the LNP is elected.

He has told his MPs and candidates not to “freelance” on values issues, telling The Australian they must focus on “things people care about”.

Cruisafulli unilaterally dumped party policy to review Queensland’s radical abortion-to-birth laws which also allow baby girls to be killed because they are girls.

This leaves the LNP on a unity ticket with Labor and the Greens when it comes to human rights for unborn babies and the gendercide being committed against girls.

Family First is actively weighing possibilities for running pro-family and pro-life candidates at next October’s election.

Anyone interested in running or volunteering should contact [email protected].