With a mother’s womb already the most dangerous place for a child in Australia, a cross-party group of politicians is pressuring the Prime Minister for more abortions.

The Australian reported this week:

Anthony Albanese is facing internal pressure to provide more taxpayer support for abortion services, with a senior party figure saying action on the issue was the “next step” in Labor following through on its pre-election commitment to deliver for women.

One of the demands is for religious hospitals, along with public hospitals who also conscientiously object to killing unborn babies, to lose their taxpayer-funding unless they commit abortions.

Family First is pro-life and committed to protecting unborn babies and their mothers from abortion death and harm.

A Labor-Greens Government in the ACT recently compulsorily acquired the Catholic Church’s Calvary Hospital in large part because of its pro-life ethos.

The ACT Government has also made abortion completely free, something the cross-party group of politicians want the federal government to do as well.

Despite Medicare-subsidised abortion-to-birth now legal in all jurisdictions, pro-abortion politicians still want more.

It is estimated around 90,000 Australian babies are killed in their mothers' womb each year under abortion-to-birth laws.

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