If politicians really cared about free speech, they would reform these laws.

Politicians must find the will and courage to end the radical LGBTIQA+ political movement’s farcical and dangerous war on free speech.

The latest victim of this un-Australian lawfare aimed at crushing legitimate discussion is Hobart City Councillor Louise Elliot.

This week's Australian reports:

Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commission Sarah Bolt has ruled Hobart City councillor Louise Elliot must face a tribunal inquiry for allegedly inciting hatred against transwomen at a March rally.

Ms Elliot told the Hobart rally, attended by British transgender reform critic Kellie-Jay Keen, that “transwomen … remain biological men” and some change gender “to gain attention”.

Ms Elliot also used the speech, posted online, to suggest transwomen should be excluded from women-only spaces because “you can’t be raped with a penis if there is no penis present”.

“It is absolute insanity that we have a law that allows a man to at 10am declare he’s a woman and by 11am be sharing change-rooms and showers with young girls,” Ms Elliot told the rally.

Family First agrees with Elliot, who has said she is willing to go all the way to the High Court to defend her right to free speech.

Her case is very similar to a case brought against me for writing on my blog that sexualised and gender-fluid LGBTIQA+ drag queens were dangerous role models for children.

After a three-year legal battle, more than $300,000 in legal fees and a three-day trial in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal, I was found not guilty of vilification of “hate speech”.

However, the drag queens, whose legal costs receive taxpayer funding, have appealed, driving me into a fourth year of legal uncertainty and potential further expense.

Family First is committed to reforming state and federal anti-discrimination law so free speech is restored to Australia.

No Australian should be facing what Cr Elliot, myself and a growing number of people are facing as a result of LGBTIQA+ activist legal action aimed a shutting down discussion about their political agenda.

The lack of action by Liberal and Labor to protect the basic values of a free society is a major driver of Family First’s work to build a political movement that will put people into Parliaments who will fight for these values.

Incitement to violence is where the line on freedom of speech should be drawn.

It is ironic that anti-Jewish slogans can be freely chanted and no action is taken by the various taxpayer-funded human rights commissions while they go after people like Cr Elliot.

I spoke with Cr Elliott on ADH TV recently. WATCH the interview here.