Name one thing “transphobic” or “homophobic” from Family First’s Victorian election campaign.

That is the challenge from Family First’s Lee Jones in response to a baseless slur today from Greens Leader Samantha Ratnam.

“The Greens need to stop calling people names and start engaging in policy debates.

“Samantha Ratnam can’t name one thing we have said that denotes an irrational fear of any of our fellow citizens.

“We are a party that respects all people but that doesn’t mean we agree with all people’s public policy ideas.

“Victorians are tired of politicians like Ratnam trying to shut down debates they don’t like by intimidating their opponents with name calling.

“Labor, Liberal and the Greens need to explain to Victorian parents why they want to criminalise anyone who seeks to assist a child to be comfortable in their natal gender.

“They need to explain why they are running programs in schools without parents’ consent which cause children to question their biological reality.

“Family First is simply fighting to protect Victorian families from the threat of radical political correctness.

“That has nothing to do with being ‘phobic’. We call upon Ratnam to withdraw her baseless slur.”