The Biden Administration is pumping almost $8000 of US taxpayers’ money into a radical LGBTIQA+ conference in Geelong this month.

The two-day event, titled Better Together, will discuss how to further entrench harmful gender fluid ideology and undermine families based on monogamous marriage.

It is part of the global so-called “Pride Month”.

One of the speakers, UK homosexual activist Peter Tatchell, is hosting a session entitled Marriage? No thanks. Here's a better idea.

The session blurb says: “Peter Tatchell suggests that if we were starting from scratch in 2024, neither marriage nor civil unions would be the model that many people would opt for. He sets out the liberating, flexible, tailor-made alternative to marriage & civil unions”.

If only LGBTIQA+ political activists told us this before they put Australia through a divisive plebiscite to force change to the definition of marriage.

Seven years on, they tell us they don’t need marriage after all.

During that 2017 marriage campaign, activists assured mainstream Australians that their “love is love” campaign slogan did not mean there would be a slippery slope into other innovations.

But “Better Together” has a session on “The Poly-tics of Non-monogamy” hosted by Rebecca Galdies.

She says:

Even in the rainbow community, there remains a degree of conservatism when it comes to the concept of non-monogamous relationships. As a polyamorous, pansexual, cis-gendered woman, I am no stranger to the eye rolling that can come from people when I mention that I’m going on a date or am having communication difficulties with a partner. The immediate assumption is always that the problem is the non-monogamous status of the relationship. Even friends and family who are generally accepting of my relationship status, struggle to understand how and why I need to live like this. In this presentation I will talk a bit about my personal journey with polyamory and the current political landscape in Australia and how the two manage to intersect.

The conference promotional video says they are “gathering to connect and change the world”.

Despite the myriad of session on promoting gender fluid trans ideology, a quick glance at the program didn’t yield any discussion on the UK’s Cass Report which chronicles the harms this does to children.

While recognising that people will make their own choices, Family First is committed to advocating for the best interests of children by promoting monogamous, heterosexual marriage in public policy.

Taxpayer-funded conferences like “Better Together” sadly only serve to undermine the building blocks of civil society.

Family First calls on the Biden Administration to stop undermining marriage and family in Australia.

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