In 2011, the ABC program, ‘Four Corners’, shocked Australia with the footage they showed of the live cattle export trade.

It was hard to watch as the cows were brutally tied up, beaten and slaughtered.

The footage was so shocking it brought the industry to a halt overnight.

No amount of talking and debating about the cattle trade could have achieved such a fierce backlash and instant response.

Seeing was believing.

Right now, the Democrats in the US are using abortion to make deceptive claims to increase support for the upcoming election.

As with Australia, whenever this topic arises it is shrouded in deceit and flowery euphemisms.

When abortion laws expanded in Australia to allow for full term abortion, it was incredulous to see that not one jurisdiction actually showed what abortion was beyond the rhetoric.

Here they were legislating to extend all types of brutal abortions on babies still with no pain relief, few restrictions or openness about what type of procedures were permissible and so no one actually saw images of what it was that they were approving.

These babies are undoubtedly the greatest victims of our cancel culture.

Time for talking is well and truly past.

People need to stop chattering about abortion and actually see what it is with their eyes.

That is possibly the only way it will ever be rejected.

At the very least it will usher in a more honest discussion than what we have now.

Anyone supporting abortion should know exactly what it is before they are open their mouths.

An ex-abortion doctor, Dr Anthony Levatino, produced an 11minute video about this:

So, when do you suppose Four Corners will be doing a story on this?

Family First believes that everyone, including women and their unborn babies will benefit and hearts and minds will change when Australia sees what abortion really is.

Special note to the Australian mainstream media – before you simply repeat ad nauseum deceitful abortion rhetoric coming from the US over the next few months, we dare you to show Australia abortion in all its bloody brutality.

At least then Australians would know exactly what it is that the Democrats are yabbering about and so vehemently defending.

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