Written by a female member of Family First

Many of you would have heard of Ian Grace.

He is the brave Gold Coast resident (and the 2022 Gold Coast Volunteer of the year) who sent a letter to the GC mayor requesting that G-string bikinis be banned outside of the beach.

For making this request he has been mocked quite mercilessly.

According to our moral arbiters, women exposing their bottoms in public is something that shouldn’t cause anyone to even bat an eyelid, or be the least bit uncomfortable with.

Thus, when Ian had the audacity to express his dislike of it, he was pretty immediately condemned as misogynistic and being an old dinosaur and you know the other usual accusations from the perpetually offended…yadda yadda.

The media has made the most of reporting on this and undoubtedly cherished the opportunity to show us numerous pics of women in this garb, under the banner of ‘news’ of courses.

But living in the real world and not the magical fairy land that we are supposed to pretend we live in, for all their offence at Ian’s comments and grandstanding about people not looking if they don’t like these bikinis, they know as well as we do that these G-string bikinis are worn to be seen.

They are meant to make everyone look.

They are provocative and sexual.

To suggest otherwise is absurd.

We have laws against public nudity for many good reasons and so why is pushing that boundary to the smallest possible piece of fabric acceptable?

It may surprise some to know that many people enjoy life without submerging ourselves, or our families, in the hypersexualised culture around us.

And so, for all those people who do not like being bombarded with bare bums everywhere they look anywhere near the beach, Ian Grace is no dinosaur or misogynist but on the contrary, he sounds like a very decent man.

And a courageous one at that.

Well done sir!