Unborn babies will continue to be allowed to be killed for any reason up to birth if the LNP wins the Queensland election next October.

Asked last month about plans by the LNP to review Queensland’s controversial anti-life laws, leader David Crisafulli doubled down on his captain’s call to ditch that promise.

Pressed by journalists to rule out winding back abortion-to-birth Crisafulli responded: “If I say it’s not a priority, there’s not going to be changes”.

“No changes for four years [if we are elected],” the Guardian reported him saying at the Queensland Media Club.

Asked about the pro-life views of newly pre-selected candidate and former Senator Amanda Stoker, Crisafulli claimed voters were not interested in reforming abortion laws.

“It’s not a priority … for [Stoker’s] voters either. Her voters, I believe, would say the same thing that my voters do,” Crisafulli said.

This of course is not true with Cherish Life Queensland-commissioned YouGov polling in August 2018 showing 60 per cent of Queenslanders oppose abortions past 13 weeks and 75pc agree that abortion harms women's health.

In October Crisafulli also said euthanasia laws would also not be repealed.

“It is not our priority, there will be no position taken on it, it’s not a policy platform.”

Crisafulli’s stance and the silence of his candidates and MPs means there is unlikely to be any progress on the pro-life front regardless of who wins.

He’s even gagged LNP candidates and MPs from talking about the greatest moral challenge of our time.

In the US, however, brave politicians have protected unborn babies from six weeks of pregnancy. More than 10,000 lives have been saved in Texas alone in two years.

These moves are popular with voters and even more so since the US overturned Roe v Wade, allowing the will of the people to prevail through their state legislatures.

Yet in Australia, “conservative” leaders have learned nothing from the Voice debate which proved if they get in the fight, make an argument in public, they can win.

This is why Family First is calling for expressions of interest from courageous pro-life, pro-family Queenslanders willing to put justice for the most vulnerable on the ballot paper at the up-coming election.

If you are interested in standing at the Queensland election or helping raise a local Family First supporter group, please email [email protected].