Can politicians be more stupid?

The Queensland government’s $1000 electricity bill bribe is proof they can.

The Courier Mail described it like this:

The Queensland Labor government’s decision to use some of the cash it has made from royalties on the state’s finite coal assets to fund a voter sugar hit is the equivalent of drawing down on the equity in your home to pay this week’s grocery bill.

But it’s even whackier and more reckless than that.

Labor and the Liberal-National Coalition have been on the net zero bandwagon for years, supposedly because there is an immanent catastrophic “climate emergency” because of “global boiling”.

It’s all cause by coal which must be left in the ground and not burned, apparently.

But all that net zero’s industrial wind turbines and solar farms have done is catastrophically drive up the cost of electricity and make it unreliable.

Tone deaf to peoples’ suffering, the Queensland LNP and Labor recently voted in lock step to hurt people even more – legislating a 75 percent emissions reduction target by 2035.

Such is their zealotry to be virtuous.

With renewables unable to generate essential base-load electricity, can it get any stupider in a coal and gas rich state?

Having hurt people so badly that they might now lose the October election, the Queensland Labor Government under Steven “giggles” Miles yesterday hit the panic button and announced a $1000 hand-out to every householder by way of an electricity bill rebate.

The cost to debt-ridden Queensland is an eye-watering $2.5 billion.

But apparently that expenditure is fine, says Queensland Treasurer Cameron Dick.

The money is coming from an unexpected windfall from – wait for it – coal royalties, he says.

This is how the “logic” goes. We’re not allowed to burn coal here because that destroys the planet but we can dig it up and sell it to China to burn there so its people can have cheap and reliable electricity.

You know it makes sense.

The irony of course escapes our political class.

They cause the cost-of-living crisis by wrecking our electricity grid to “save the planet” but then try to ameliorate the damage they have done to families’ budgets by using the profits they make from “destroying the planet”.

Wouldn’t it have been better not to have wrecked the electricity grid in the first place?

If emissions must be reduced, far more could have been reduced if we continued to burn our coal here while stopping the export of it in far greater quantities to be burned in China and India.

Or a proper cost-benefit analysis of net zero policies could have been done before embarking into the unknown.

As electricity prices go up and the lights go out, desperate politicians do desperate things.

Both sides, as the on-going bi-partisanship on net zero proves, are up to their necks in stupidity.

The good news is Family First has applied for party registration with the Electoral Commission of Queensland and is calling for candidates who will fight for common-sense to step forward.

ACTION: Join the fight for affordable and reliable electricity. Join the Family First party today.