Cumberland City Councillors were right to remove a book from local libraries that indoctrinates children into harmful LGBTIQA+ ideology.

Family First National Director and Senate candidate Lyle Shelton said protecting children is not “censorship” or “book burning”.

“No child should be told it is okay for them, or for other children, to be robbed of the love of their mother or father to satisfy the lifestyle demands of adults,” Mr Shelton said.

“Stealing a primal relationship from a child is not okay.

“Regrettably some children today miss out on a mother or father through tragedy or desertion.

“Same-sex parenting is not that. Normalising the deliberate and calculated deprivation of a mother or father from a child should be resisted in a civil society,” Mr Shelton said.

The book to be removed from Cumberland library is entitled Same Sex Parenting and is deliberately targeted at young children.

“Removing a book of that nature is not censorship, it is child protection,” Mr Shelton said.

“The Councillors who voted for its removal did the right thing.”