• Sall Grover should not be in legal trouble for this
  • Girls' and women's rights at stake
  • Court case starts Thursday

Family First supports Giggle for Girls founder Sall Grover’s quest for justice against a biological male, Roxanne Tickle, who is suing her for discrimination.

The case goes to the Federal Court next week.

Grover’s Giggle application was created as a female only space and when Tickle was denied access, he took legal action claiming he is a woman.

Family First is appalled that politicians have not acted to amend the Sex Discrimination Act to protect women and girls from the encroachment of biological males urged on by the LGBTIQA+ political movement’s agenda to cancel women.

Family First is raising candidates to stand in the up-coming Queensland, ACT and federal elections who will fight to protect girls and women from the consequences of radical LGBTIQA+ gender fluid ideology.

Girls’ and women’s hard-won rights in sport and business are under threat and sadly politicians don’t have the courage to act.

It is farcical that Grover is having to defend her business in court.

Parliamentarians with courage and a better vision for girls and women are desperately needed, something Family First is working every day to address.

Below is a media release issued by Sall Grover on behalf of Giggle for Girls. Grover posted on social media that not one media outlet had expressed interest – although Angela Shanahan at The Australian picked it up the story later.

It’s not only Australia’s politicians that have been captured by radical LGBTIQA+ politics, most of our media has also been captured.

**Media Release: Federal Court of Australia Tackles Unprecedented Sex Discrimination Case with International Implications**

The Federal Court of Australia is set to hear a landmark case that tests the boundaries of the Sex Discrimination Act as it relates to CEDAW (the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women), with significant international consequences.

The applicant, Roxanne Tickle, is biologically male and legally recognised as female on his Queensland issued birth certificate.

He alleges that Giggle for Girls Pty Ltd, the respondent, has discriminated against him based on his appearance not aligning with societal expectations of women who are biologically female.

This case is the first of its kind and holds considerable international significance, as it is the first to scrutinise the application of the Sex Discrimination Act focus on eliminating gender stereotypes, in the context of CEDAW, to the harmful entrenchment of those same stereotypes by gender-identity ideology.

The case's outcome will be a touchstone for whether gender identity can be accommodated when it conflicts with sex-based rights in the digital age, especially in sex-specific spaces. It will potentially set a global precedent.

In its recently filed legal submissions and evidence, which includes expert evidence from Dr Helen Joyce, Dr Kathleen Stock and Dr Colin Wright, the respondent argues that its policy is in the spirit of CEDAW and hence the Sex Discrimination Act, by aiming to protect and promote women's rights and well-being by providing a safe, women-only space.

This case, thus, stands at the crossroads of domestic legislation's implementation of international agreements promoting women's rights and the international insidious advance of gender identity ideology

The decision by the Federal Court will have far-reaching implications, likely influencing not only the Australian legal system but also international law and policy regarding the intersection of gender identity and sex-based rights.

It will serve as a crucial reference for future legal frameworks and discussions on sex discrimination and sex-based rights, and their direct conflict with gender-identity ideology worldwide.

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