Family First is working to put religious freedom and parents’ rights firmly on the agenda of up-coming elections in Queensland, the ACT and federally.

National Director Lyle Shelton said the party was working hard to build a political movement that will fight for parents’ rights to educate their children in their values.

“We aim to stand candidates who will fight for the freedom of parents to continue to educate their children in their values, not the harmful LGBTIQA+ gender-fluid and radical sexual ideologies being forced upon them by politicians doing the bidding of activists.”

This follows continued attacks on religious schools by Labor, Green, Teal and Liberal politicians over the past six years culminating in last week’s release of a government-commissioned Australian Law Reform Commission Report which recommended stripping religious schools of the freedom to uphold the ethos of their parent communities.

“Ever since same-sex marriage was passed, politicians have sided with LGBTIQA+ political activists who have relentlessly attacked Christian and religious schools,” Shelton said.

“Family First is alarmed, although not surprised, at the intensity of the attacks on mainstream Australian parents and their values,” Shelton said.

While this week’s attacks are driven by Labor and the Greens, they have received backing in the six-year war on Christian and religious schools waged by Liberals such as Senator Dave Sharma and Bridget Archer.

Another Liberal who sides with LGBTIQA+ political activists against religious freedom is Tim Wilson, who was recently pre-selected as a Liberal candidate for the next election.

“Sadly the Liberals have been compromised and too timid to sustain a public fight on behalf of parents.

“Parents and the religious schools of their choice have not had political cover as politicians from both sides have relentlessly undermined them,” Shelton said.

“Religious schools have been falsely maligned when all they seek to do is provide freedom of choice for parents who want their children educated in woke-free values when it comes to issues of sexuality and gender.

“Parents should not be forced to subject their children to role models at school who are hostile to their values.”

Shelton said Family First was in the process of pre-selecting candidates for the Queensland, ACT and federal elections who will fight for parents’ rights and freedom of religion.

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