It is hard to fathom the barbarity of what occurred on October 7.

Even now the full extent is still being uncovered, piece by bloody piece.

What kind of people break into homes and massacre families in the most brutal of ways imaginable?

The most heinous surely are the accounts of what was done to the most innocent amongst us, children and babies.

Babies in ovens, children dismembered, and whole families tied together and burned alive.

What could drive any person, let alone many thousands of Hamas fighters, to inflict such cruelty on anybody let alone babies?

The only way one can surely make any sense of it is to realise that these perpetrators have been so steeped in hateful ideology against Jews for most likely their whole lives they have become hardened to the humanity of Jews including these precious little ones before their very eyes.

Dehumanising people has no good results.  It will always deliver brutality and death for its victims.

And lest we console ourselves with the knowledge that these things are happening in lands far far away, we will do well to remember that we also live in a country where one group of people have been dehumanized and fatally brutalized now for far too many decades.

Their deaths are done behind closed doors, in clean rooms and by ‘healthcare’ professionals.

They die by poisoning, dismemberment, suffocation and only God knows how else.

They receive no pain relief while they are brutalized, and any ‘lucky’ survivors are denied even basic lifesaving care which leaves them gasping for breath until their take their last, however long that takes.

There is no body count, no funerals and few champions, despairingly few when it comes to our parliaments.

In our country, their deaths are defined as ‘healthcare’.

How do we make sense of this?

Have the perpetrators of this carnage and those who support it also been blinded by wrong ideology?

How is it possible to not recognize the humanity and preciousness of these little ones?

While we continue to hear news from Israel and dedicate ourselves to pray for them and innocent victims everywhere, let us also pray and act to end the brutality happening in our own suburbs and cities, that is abortion.

The dehumanisation and massacre of innocents on our own shores cannot be allowed to continue unimpeded.

Standing for life is in the DNA of Family First.

We are 100pc behind Senators Alex Antic, Ralph Babet and Matt Canavan as they push their bill to require medical care to be rendered to babies born alive after botched abortion.

Family First is one of the only political parties that is 100pc prolife.

Stand with us and let’s together change politics for good.