Eight fully formed and healthy babies were brutally killed late in pregnancy by abortionists during the first six months of former Liberal Attorney General Vickie Chapman’s abortion-to-birth laws.

This is not widely known but was spoken about by pro-life advocate Dr Joanna Howe at last week’s Walk for Life in Adelaide.

Four thousand people marched for human rights for the unborn and for mothers facing un-supported pregnancy, in what is probably now Australia’s biggest demonstration of its type.

Howe, whose relentless pro-life Instagram posts have become a phenomenon, urged people to sign an open letter to Labor Premier Peter Malinauskas and Liberal Opposition Leader David Spiers urging “action to address the unintended and devastating impact of the new Termination of Pregnancy Act 2021 (SA) on healthy, viable South Australian children”.

“During the parliamentary debate on the new laws, the Lower House was assured by then Attorney-General Vicki Chapman that healthy, viable babies would not be killed for a mental health reason affecting the mother,” Howe writes.

“Yet, in the first six months of the new law, 8 out of the 10 babies killed after 22 weeks and 6 days were perfectly healthy.”

Family First is a pro-life political party and its re-formation in 2022 in South Australia was prompted in large part by the former Liberal Government facilitating Chapman’s abortion-to-birth laws.

Family First aspires to run pro-life candidates in the up-coming Queensland election following LNP leader David Crisafulli’s declaration that there would be no changes to Queensland’s abortion-to-birth laws if he becomes premier.

He has gagged his MPs and candidates on this and other pro-family issues which he claims voters don’t care about.

Meanwhile, the Australian Christian Lobby posted on Facebook this week that Queensland is becoming the abortion capital of Australia.

Queensland has been revealed as the highest dispenser of abortion pills in the nation.

Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) Queensland Director, Rob Norman said, “Very concerning Medicare data reveals that Queensland is already THE abortion state.

“Despite Queensland accounting for only 20.4% of the nation’s population, in the period, July 2022- June 2023, Queensland women were prescribed 44% of Australia’s MS-2-Step abortion pills. 

 “What real choices do Queensland women have if the only solution offered in hard times is abortion? What supports are being offered to pregnant women who face an unplanned pregnancy? What is being done for women in Domestic Violence situations who are coerced into an abortion by an abusive partner?

“The Medicare statistics and the many questions they raise deserve an inquiry into Queensland’s abortion culture”.

The ACL calls upon the Queensland Health Minister to abandon her irresponsible ‘Health and Other Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 2) 2023’ and commission a full inquiry to understand why Queensland’s abortion statistics are so high.

Action: Join the political party that is fighting for the unborn and for their mothers.